Pinterest: Roy G. Biv’n

So, my place needs some sprucing. It’s been neglected for a while, and I’m not just talking about it’s unclean condition. I’m thinking more about having that cute 25 year old’s apartment you see on the TV and in the movies. I’ve got some kitschy shit, goddamnit, and it needs to have it’s glory.

To be fair, I don’t like to clean and half of my belonging are covered in cat hair and dust. I go to work, I see the boyfriend, I go to bed. I have a day off, I make all these plans, and I blow it watching Netflix and smoking cigarettes. But that’s a different story. This is about making my place a home. And my home is messy, but I’ve accepted that. I just want to do my best to make the clutter the background and my quirks the star. Pinterest? You’ve just been called into service.

Everyone and their mother uses Pinterest (I’m looking at you, nlm220). I’ve wavered on and off using Pinterest over the past couple of years, so I’m averaging about 8 pins a year at this point, and that’s probably a grandiose estimate. But people are still eating it up, and I doubt many follow through on half the things they’re putting on the boards. I certainly know this is true for all the singles out there with their decked out wedding boards. I get cold feet just looking at them.

So, I decided to color sort my bookshelves. Roy G. Biv ’em, if you will. I’ve worked enough retail to know the ‘ol rainbow is an attention getter and can always influence a sale. It also works with all the oranges I have around my apartment. It speaks to my sensibilities, and I’ve got enough books that it’ll make an aesthetic dent. To be fair, I didn’t actually see this on Pinterest. I’m pretty sure I saw it on the internet once, but I know it wasn’t on that site. But I Googled it and people have totally pinned it, so I’m just going to go ahead and bullshit past that fact.

See? I Googled it 5 seconds ago. 

I set aside this past Sunday to get down to business. I had this great plan to put football on in the background so I could keep a better eye on my fantasy league. I had a bottle of Jameson so I could enjoy a nice cocktail while I sorted through everything. I had a potato, so I could bake it as a reward. Instead, my cable box went, so football was out the window. I was out of ice, so the cocktail had to wait. The potato came through, though. It was delicious.

Anyway, I put on some movies I’ve already seen in the background so I wouldn’t get distracted and started taking everything off the shelves. There were piles strewn about my studio apartment, and it was daunting to decide where to begin. I did the sensible thing and started sorting by color.

Initally I was concerned that I would be overrun with white or black bound books. And I totally was, but I was able to work through it. Piles of reds, oranges, yellows, greens and blues were scattered around my place. Purple was on the low side. The browns and some striped ones got pushed to that corner so I could carry-on for a couple of more shelves.

So by the time the books were color sorted, the ice was made so cocktails happened, and I decided the books simply needed more sorting. I divided the color groups further into the following categories. I had:

  • Books I haven’t read and want to read
  • Books I have read and think are awesome
  • Books I have read and think are pretty cool
  • Books I have or have not read and feel pretty “meh” about
  • Books I have read and do not care to read again (what up, Tripmaster Monkey.)
  • Polish textbooks and their English Lit buddies

Alright, cool. Books sorted. By this time, I hit the point where I was about done with organizing just as I’m hitting that same point with this post. Time to get the books put away and get this over with.

2007-11-25 22.08.44
The shelves with a purpose.

The “books I haven’t read yet” got top billing and I was able to fit most of them, Roy G. Biv’d and all, onto the first shelf. I decided to do a mini-rainbow on each shelf so the left half of my place wouldn’t get overrun with blacks and whites. It still did. Just not nearly as severe. Second shelf was more that I haven’t read and some that were pretty awesome. The rest went on down the list and it turned out pretty cool. I’m into it. And for now, while the rest of my apartment is a mess, the wall across from my bed gives me hope that one day, I won’t be.

You can follow my lackluster pinning under the name moo4camus.


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